Tartus Bookcase

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This piece was commissioned by a local man as a Christmas present for his wife. Please note that I built this from pictures he provided from the internet, the overall design is not mine. He made the two signs himself to be added later. The finished piece is 24" by 24" by 78". My initial concern was sagging because of the weight of the swinging doors. They had to fit under the top piece and not scrape against the lower platform. I solved this by making a solid 3/4" plywood back that is taller than the rear bookcase, it goes up into the upper piece and down into the lower platform where it is attached securely to both. I reinforced the upper and lower sections with additional cross pieces of plywood to prevent warping. I placed two more supports under it for a dolly to catch so it could be transported easily.

I used a jigsaw to rough cut the openings for the door panels, then straightened them up with a router.

Rough jigsawing the panelsStraightening the panels

I then flipped them over and added a bevel on the outer edges.

Beveling the panels

Back on the interior, I marked for a plunge cut so the panels would fit flush. For the upper panel, which would become the window, I used a piece of hardboard with one white side.

Flush cutting for the panelsA white panel for the top

These are the upper and lower platforms. Note the two extra pieces I added so a dolly can transport it easily.

Upper and lower platforms

The center bookcase on its side. Note how the back extends up and down to attach to the platforms.

The center bookcase

A swinging side bookcase with the door panels installed. Note how the flush panels will be invisible once everything is painted.

One swinging side

Finishing up the three bookcase pieces.

All three bookcase pieces

This is the bottom of the center bookcase showing the multitude of screws and cross braces. The second picture shows it from the 'top' side.

Bottom of the center bookcaseView from the 'top' side

The customer provided an old kerosene lantern that I hollowed out, cleaned and painted so he could put a light inside of it for the top. You can also see the window lites that I attached last.

Lantern and lites

All the hinges are attached, ready for painting.

Ready for painting

I applied three coats of sprayed paint. Near the bottom you can see the catches to hold the doors closed.

Three coats of paint

And here is the finished Tartus bookcase.