Slate Table

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I seem to have misplaced most of the photos of the early construction, but here is what I have found. This was made for the same customer who ordered the Barrister Bookcases and used his Mooqua wood. We decided on a shaker design for this table. In addition to having the wood he had also brought back a piece of heavy slate. A shop cut it for him and he brought it to me. Not quite flat or square, I made adjustments in the design to incorporate it.

This is the Mooqua wood stock he provided. We decided to use some of the white streaks in this design.

Wood stock

Here is the assembled base. I doubled up some wood to make the thicker legs.

Side of the baseEnd of the base

I made a separate frame to hold the heavy piece of slate.

Slate frame

The table and slate together were really too heavy to move as one unit, so I made a way to remove the slate to be carried separately. The slate is cushioned by a 1/2" layer of carpet padding (to allow it to settle without cracking). In order to be able to remove the slate I placed holes under the frame so you could push the slate upwards so it could be grabbed for removal (it really was that heavy).

Slate frame holes

The assembled table ready for finish.

Ready for finishReady for finish end view

The finished slate table with three coats of polyurethane.


The polished slate looks great!

Finished end view