Round Dining Table

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A customer brought me a picture of a dining table she wanted, but it had to be smaller than the ones for sale so it would fit into her kitchen.

I found some #1 clear oak. I cut and jointed some pieces, then added bisquits, glue and clamps.

Starting the top

Once it was dry I rough cut it with a jigsaw and then cleaned it up with a straight router bit.

Rounding the top

I put a nice cove on the outer edge.


For the support under the top I kerfed some 3/4" oak and then soaked it in a piece of gutter overnight.

Kerfing the woodSoaking the wood

I bent the wet oak into a circle and clamped it to a round piece of plywood overnight to let it dry into shape. Then I mitered the ends to key together.

Clamping the oakEnd miters

I screwed the plywood circle to the underneath of the top piece. Then I glued, clamped and braded the piece.

Attaching the plywoodClamping the bent wood

The top pieces are now assembled.

Top assembled

Next was the pedestal. I mitered eight pieces of oak to fit into a circle and made an interior frame to support it. Some of the wood would become thin once I lathed it.

Starting the pedestal

Top view of the pedestal.

Top view

Setting up the pedestal on the wood lathe.

Setting up the lathe

Beginning the coves and beads.


Wood lathing finished.

Lathing finished

Next I glued wood together to make thicker pieces and curved them into four leg sections.


The legs attach with screw-bolts.

Screw-boltsInside view

I made thick braces under the top. They helped to hold the shape of the curved wood and provided places to attach the pedestal to.

BracesFinal clamping

The pieces with stain and polyurethane.

StainedBase assembled


Finished 1Finished 2