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Repairing old pieces is always a challenge, one I like.

The table was brought to me with splits and broken pieces. It wasn't until I started scraping off the finish that I realized it was pure cedar.

Cedar table 1Cedar table 2

Once it was sanded down the cedar colors, and smell, were apparent. The customer wanted one split left on the top as character.

Cedar table 3Cedar table 4

This dresser was in sad shape. The back had fallen out and none of the drawers fit.

Dresser repair 1Dresser repair 2

The bottoms of all the drawers had fallen out from both shrinkage and missing wood. The drawers had gouged out most of the runners so they had to be replaced.

Dresser repair 3Dresser repair 4

It looked nice once everything was squared up and refinished.

Dresser repair 5Dresser repair 6

This western style washboard towel rack needed some fixing and aligning.

Washboard 1Washboard 2

The same customer as above brought in a heavy gear lamp. It was encrusted with grease and chipped and broken. I sanded it down and repaired it. You can see the finished washboard towel rack in the final picture.

Gear lamp 1Gear lamp 2

The lower portion of this window had rotted badly. You can see my repair piece of wood, fitting nicely inside the metal.

Window 1 repair 1Window 1 repair 2

Another window from a museum with horrible rot from a leaking gutter.

Window 2 repair 1Window 2 repair 2

I also sanded down the whole window and reglazed the glass, then painted it.

Window 2 repair 3Window 2 repair 4

This customer was rebuilding some heavy sliding doors and needed new bottom runners.

Sliding door repair 1Sliding door repair 2

A quick repair for a butcher block cutting board that had one split end. It was thick so I was able to stagger seven bisquits for strength.

Butcher block

A couple had taken on a project of rebuilding an old house and wanted to add a newel post to the bottom of the stairs. They found one at salvage.

Newel post 1Newel post 2

I built a taller base for it and turned and sanded it for them.

Newel post 3