New Pieces

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These are new pieces I made for customers or myself. As you can see, I can make nearly anything anyone can describe or draw!

This heavy duty 4x4 mailbox post set is also built to the slope of the hill it is set into.

Mailboxes 1Mailboxes 2

I was supplied with some leftover construction lumber and asked to build a bed from it. I tripled up the wood for the legs and did some router work to make it more interesting.

Bed 1Bed 2

This rack lined up with the bottom of a staircase and is designed to hold CDs and books.

CD and books 1CD and books 2

This stand raises a grinder to a comfortable working height and includes two types of chisel grinding jigs.

Chisel jig

This rack provides storage and hanging space for dozens of different types of clamps.

Clamp rack

This four drawer cabinet holds many items and has a desktop sturdy enough to work on.

Drawer cabinet

A customer wanted some custom eave vents to perfectly fit his roof. Note the continuous spline slot to hold in the screening.

Eave vents 1Eave vents 2

This is a simple fish tank stand for a 75 gallon tank. The front and rear are built from single pieces of 3/4" plywood, no rickety 1x3 pine here.

Fish tank

This particular rack holds cutoffs of glass, but it can be adapted to store any material.

Glass rack

A knick-knack shelf that attaches to the wall. You can store anything with a shelf like this.

Knick-knack shelf

This stand raises a lathe to the proper height for turning. It also has storage under it for the chisels. When not in use the whole thing fits under a workbench out of sight.

Lathe stand

This sturdy medicine cabinet goes over a toilet. The insides of the doors could easily hold mirrors.

Medicine cabinet 1Medicine cabinet 2

This giant monitor stand holds two monitors, a laptop and has room under it for keyboards and paper storage.

Large monitor stand 1Large monitor stand 2

This medium sized monitor stand also holds a slide-out keyboard under it and paper storage below.

Medium monitor stand

This shows two small monitor stands next to each other. They are tall anough to slide a keyboard under them and beefy enough for the heaviest monitor.

Small monitor stand

Here is a new leaf for a dining table.

New leaf 1New leaf 2

This custom shelf unit holds several radios for a local rescue squad.

Rescue squad shelf

This wall unit holds many spools of screen material as well as rolls of spline on the far end.

Screening rack

This wall cabinet for a bathroom is built in the shaker style.

Shaker wall cabinet

This vanity sink base and mirror is also built in the shaker style.

Vanity and mirror

A rack designed to hold window glazing.

Window glazing rack

I added a two-drawer cabinet under my rotary arm saw.

Two drawer cabinet

This pair of wall cabinets was designed for a garage.

Wall cabinets

This sturdy work bench can be adapted to anything.

Work bench