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Customers have asked me to make quite an array of frames to hold pictures and other items.

This is a simple frame for a Marilyn Monroe calendar.


This customer wanted a black frame to show off his Naval Certificate.

Black frame 1Black frame 2

I made this for a heavy piece of stained glass.

Stained glass 1Stained glass 2

Two heavy duty tooth hangers finished it up on the customers wall.

Stained glass 3

This customer brought in some distressing looking scraps of wood from his family barn and asked me to make three frames.

Rough frame 1Rough frame 2

He wanted the upper face to show the original character of the wood. I was barely able to get the three frames out of the scraps.

Rough frame 3

A lady brought in a twenty pound rock sample with fish skeletons showing. The dark inset wood locks the stone in place and a solid back allowed for heavy duty hangers.

Stone fish 1Stone fish 2