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The playhouses I have pictures of are for cats but I can also make things for dogs, just send me a picture! I saw a really cute double doghouse once that I wanted to build.

Here is a three-level cat playhouse in tall, medium and small sizes.

Cat house 1Cat house 2

No cardboard here, I make them out of solid 3/4" pine.

Cat house 3

I made this food bowl for my three cats. The finish is a non-toxic mineral oil. Different heights can be made for aging pets so they don't have to stoop to eat.

Food bowl

Made from 1/2" and 3/4" plywood these are sturdy enough for the heaviest pet. This first set is made for cats to be able to climb up to a sink to drink from their fountain. Two steps on one edge and four steps on the other give cats the step preference they prefer.

Pet stairs 1Pet stairs 2

The left step is to climb up to a tall waterbed. The right step includes a play section under it and a sleeping section above.

Pet stairs 3Pet stairs 4