Built-in pieces

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These are some of the built-in pieces I have made over the years. I am willing to help with local delivery.

This is a fish tank I built for my house. Two 75 gallon tanks over and under. I cut an opening between the kitchen and a bedroom to insert it. This stand is now for sale since I sold this house.

Tank when in useTank for sale

Here is the rear view of the tanks. I made many storage drawers. The side cabinet is for special pumps.

Tank when in useTank for sale

Two bathrooms I built in my house. On the left is a guest bath and on the right is the Master Bathroom.

Guest BathroomMaster Bathroom

I built this Hickory Corner Cabinet to finish a kitchen. The doors were a special order.

Corner Cabinet 1Corner Cabinet 1

Designed by the owner this Hickory Spice Rack turned out quite nicely.

Spice Rack 1Spice Rack 2

These closet cabinets go from wall to wall and stand seven feet high. Because of their size they were built in two sections. Wall outlet openings were cut into the back and right side for that finished look.

Hall storageBedroom storage

I built this Mail Slot into a window at the bottom of the staircase. I sloped the Mail Slot to match the handrail.

Mail Slot 1Mail Slot 2

Since the wall under the Mail Slot was deep, I built an umbrella stand into it. The umbrella holder tilts out and stops on a chain. The cabinet on the right is for gloves and boots. Three doors close it up nicely.

Umbrella Stand 1Umbrella Stand 2

The front of this house was built with a huge curve in it. This desk is in one corner, so it had to fit the curve of the outside wall.

Oak Wall Desk 1Oak Wall Desk 2

I made a pair of dressing tables for the Master Dressing Room. Each has its own mirror, bright lights over it and telephone, cable and outlets on the side.

Dressing Table 1Dressing Table 2