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70 color coded beer mugs and two mug racks!
These were used by cavers for fourteen years at my parties. The color codes are nearly ten years out of date, but that is easy to fix!
I am including four sheets of color codes as well. $200


I am also selling the double 75 gal fish tank stand.
It has an accessory cabinet, lower doors and drawers. There is a mug ledge on the front.
There was some slight damage and scratching during removal and storage but it is sound.
You could even replace the 'front' parts to match your decor. Two flourescent lights are included. $1200
I would also sell the two tanks for another $250 (but sold only with cabinet purchase).

Tank front Tank rear

Brunton Pocket Transit, Model 5008, perfect condition and serviced since last use.
This Brunton surveyed Starnes, New Castle Murder Hole and parts of many other caves.
Has the original box and manual but no carry case. New $399, sale price $325. My price $200


Kenmore Beer Dispenser, Model 183.91579 Comes with CO2 bottle inside and cleaning kit.

Beer Dispenser Beer Dispenser

You can use the leveling feet or convert to the included castors.
This is the largest 6.4ft3 model. There is plenty of room for a keg and several other items to fit inside.
It is in mint condition.
This was about $700 new. My price $400

Beer Dispenser Beer Dispenser

20lb CO2 bottle with full beer tap kit (includes regulator, keg tap, draft tap and drip tray). The CO2 seems to be nearly full.
This pushed several hundred kegs of beer at my Penn Street house for many Oktoberfests and other parties.
You just need an old refrigerator or a tub and ice to be in business!
If I remember right, a full bottle pushes about 20 kegs.
Bottle $118, Tap kit $200, CO2 fill $30. My price $250 for all

CO2 bottle Tap Kit

Import keg tap and a standard keg pump tap.
I'm not sure if the standard pump tap needs a rebuild kit, the O-ring does shrink and crack with age, but that is cheap to rebuild. $25 each


A brand new 12' x 20' tarp, similiar to the Cave Club tarp but smaller. You just need to buy 1 3/8" conduit to frame it.
Duratarp VS-12-20, Heavy Duty Valance Tarp-Silver, 11'10"x19'10" with 12" flap drop.
It comes with all metal corners and bungees, also brand new. My Price for all of the below is $140.
Sigman 6" Ball Bungee Cords - 50 pieces - Black Color BCB-06-50 $12.95
1 3/8" 110 Degree Canopy Fitting Kit for 10' x 20' Medium Peak Canopy CFKMD $96.99
12' x 20' Valance Tarp Silver VS1220 $84.99


Wall hangers for the tarp conduit.
I welded these to hold the larger Club Tarp when I stored it (although the Club Tarp might have had only 1" conduit?) Two pieces with lag bolts. $30

Wall hangers

My ropes.
I have a 285' PMI that I won for 5th place overall at Old Timers in 1979 lol. Richard Cobb and I went the next weekend and bounced every pit in the area to break it in right. I know, it should probably be cut up and discarded. What should I do with it?
I also have two shorter pieces of Goldline. Any offers of cash or should I throw these relics away?


Climbing shoes.
I bought these from Eric Anderson (before he became the famous climbing guru). Summit (Italian), size 11. Great condition. $20


Curtains from my Penn St house, all are pleated with valances.
Royal colors with thick backing. They covered nine windows 36" x 54" and one smaller window.

Curtains Curtains

Also a double Dining Room set and a Double Living Room set.
$4,000 new, My price $1,500

Dining Room Curtain

Heavy Duty curtain rods $300.

Curtain Rods