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Horses of Anahita, Flight of Night, by William Hunt. 28"W, 12"D, 19"H...$225

Horses of Anahita

22" Dragon. The absolute best and meanest I have ever seen. No longer available that I can find. $300

Dragon Dragon

14" Alligator. Naughty with a human hand in its mouth. No longer available that I can find. $150


Vampire Candle Holder. No longer available that I can find. $45

Vampire Candle Holder

Ceramic Gecko...$20


Lion Candle $25

Lion Candle

This cuty is at home on your desk or in your garden. $30


Gargoyle Calender. New, never unwrapped. $10

Gargoyle Calender

Bubble Cave...$15
Bubble Gargoyle...$10

Bubble Cave and Gargoyle

Brother Electronic Typewriter, Model ML100 Standard $30


Speakers, a pair of Dynaco A-50...$200

Dynaco A-50 Speakers

This Polemoscope is a clever device made popular in the days of Shakespear and Opera. While appearing to look forward through Opera Glasses you can view the subjects to your left or right instead. $30




12 inch Globe...$40

12 inch Globe

Stained Glass Small Cat...$5
Stained Glass Small Hanging...$5
Painted Glass Many Birds...$50
Painted Glass Humming Birds...$40

Painted and Stained Glass

Pro-Scan 50 channel scanner with WX band. $50


CD Racks...$30 each

CD Racks

Karate Set. Gloves, Boots, Headband and a book, Winning Tournament Karate by Chuck Norris...$50


Snorkel Gear...$50

Snorkel Gear

Home Sweet Home wall display, new...$30

Home Sign

Buck Laser Carving...$20

Buck Laser Carving

Buck and Deer Laser Picture...$20

Buck and Deer Laser Picture

Man in the Wood carving...$20

Man in the Wood

Tree Art...$40

Tree Art

A beautiful enlaid Wood Pencil Holder...$15

Wood Pencil Holder



Travelers Rest Copper Picture, 1950's era...$100

Travelers Rest

Polaroid Sun 600 Camera $20

Polaroid Sun 600

Nikon Camera $50

Nikon NikonNikon